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Brief Profile

  • Martine from Grenoble, France
  • Age 65, divorced
  • 2 children and 3 grandchildren
  • newly retired

Demographics / Curriculum Vitae

Martine used to work as a project manager in an IT company. Martine now has more time for herself and her family and she really appreciates that. She is an active retiree. She works out (running and yoga).

In her early married life, she lived in the Villeneuve, a utopic neighbourhood in Grenoble, France and was enthused about the human-lab and communal do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops available to residents. She has discovered Fablabs quite recently thanks to her son. The concept echoes with her values and she is happy to now have time to be engaged in such activities. She has just registered with a Fablab. She thinks that it is a good way to share and gain knowledge on the use of machines that she otherwise would not have been able to access. It allows her to meet people, to keep a social life and to make personalized gifts for her friends and family.

She is really fond of knitting and couture, it is her passion. She really enjoys the fact that knitting is coming back into fashion with the DIY movement. That is the knowledge she wants to share in the Fablab. She follows an OSPD project which is developing a knitting machine. Since she knows how to use a previous version of the machine, she is helping to test the repurposed machine that has been replicated at the Fablab of which she is a member.

She is very active on the internet. She participates in knitting forums, has made her own open source beehive, and enjoys trying her hand at completely new projects. For example, she is working on a hydroponic farm. Nonetheless, she still finds time for her grandchildren by incorporating them in her hobbies. She often takes them to workshops on robotics for instance.

A day in the life of Martine

During the week, Martine wakes up at around 7:30 and has a good breakfast. She enjoys the fact that she is no longer under time-pressure. She usually spends 1 to 2 hours a day on forums or websites, especially the knitting forums. Although other topics such as the environment also take up some of her time in her everyday life.

At the end of the afternoon, she quite often picks up her grandchildren from school and takes care of them until 6PM. In the evening, she usually knits. She runs twice a week, practices yoga every Monday and is part of an alpine walking group.

Leisure activities and interests

  • She reads a lot of novels
  • Sports: Yoga and running
  • Knitting

Personal goals & values

What really matters to her is to share and exchange knowledge with others and particularly with the younger generation. She intends to make a link between generations.

Communication and Interaction

She interacts face to face with the people she got to know from the Fablab community but also uses the internet for communication. She is “connected” and is member of forums in the knitting area.