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This page provides a list of existing open source hardware products we gathered along our research. The objective for us was to be able to look at existing practices so we can better understand what is open source hardware.

Products listed hereafter have been identified by using common internet search engines, screening social networks, and interviewing experts on conferences. Although we think this list well covers the field of existing open source hardware products, we do not claim any exhaustiveness. In order to highlight the development of open source hardware outside the sphere of electronic hardware (which is the focus of our research project), this list particularly focuses on non-electronic hardware. See the section "selection criteria" for more information.

In the table hereafter, products are assessed according to criteria that are described at the end of the page. As the field of open source hardware is moving rapidly, we can not exclude that some parts of the data presented hereafter are obsolete in spite of our efforts to maintain this database. In order to address this problem, we are working on the development of an open database that could be filled out by any interested person. Work in progress...

We hope this list provides interesting insights for researchers or practitioners willing to get an overview of today's existing open source hardware projects.

Selection criteria

The products of this list have been selected according to the following criteria:

  • The product is a discrete manufactured product. Products of food and process industries such as yoghurt, cement, chemicals or plastic compounds are excluded.
  • The product contains at least tangible and non-electronic hardware, that is, mechanical or any other type of non-electronic physical element (e.g. textile). It may eventually include electronical hardware and consequently software. Purely electronic hardware or software products such as Arduino or Linux are excluded. This criterion aims at bringing the development of open source hardware to the foreground and outside the sphere of electronic hardware.
  • The product must have at least a certain minimum complexity. Products which consist for example of only one part or material do not meet this criterion. Products such as business card holders or cell phone cases made of one unique 3D-printed part are out of scope. The objective is here to bring to the foreground those of the open source products that are on the upper side of the complexity scale. In other words: to select the few complex ones and let aside the myriad of simple ones (you can for example find on Thingiverse or similar platforms).
  • The product is fully defined or is surrounded by a community working on defining it fully (i.e. so that you can actually produce it). Mere product ideas or concepts that are not intended to be further defined by the surrounding community are not considered. In that sense, the focus of this list is clearly different from those of challenge platforms such as OpenIDEO who focuses solely on concept generation.
  • The product is labeled by its corresponding community as open source.


Disclaimer: the content of this table is the result of our own information search, for which we do not claim for exhaustivity. Therefore:

  • there might be more information available online about the project we listed than what we found.
  • there are certainly more open source hardware products satisfying the criteria selected above than contained in this list

(for more information about the criteria used in this table, see section "classification criteria" at the bottom of the page)

Index Product name Product category Product description Project status Contains non-electronic hardware Contains electronic hardware Contains software Development stage CAD repository Assemby instructions Bill of materials Contributing guide Editable CAD Editable assembly instructions Editable bill of materials Open-O-meter
1 OSE LifeTrac II agriculture tractor active prototype 5
2 RepRap Mendel machine tools 3D printer active DIY production 7
3 Zoybar musical instruments guitar active DIY production 3
4 VIA OpenBook computers laptop inactive concept 0
5 Local motors' Rallye Fighter vehicles & parts car active commercial/full product 2
6 Open structures' OpenCargoBike vehicles & parts cargo bike active prototype 3
7 Open source beehives agriculture beehive active DIY production 4
8 Zoetrope power & electrical supplies wind turbine inactive DIY production 3
9 Wikispeed car vehicles & parts car inactive DIY production 0
10 Oscar vehicles & parts car inactive concept 0
11 OSVehicle - Tabby evo vehicles & parts car active prototype 2
12 Hybrian vehicles & parts car inactive concept 0
13 Andre cards vehicles & parts car active DIY production 4
14 c,mm,n vehicles & parts car inactive prototype 0
15 eCorolla vehicles & parts car inactive concept 0
16 DIY Bicycle vehicles & parts bicycle active prototype 0
17 XYZ Spaceframe wehicles vehicles & parts bicycle active DIY production 3
18 Multimachine machine tools machine tool inactive prototype 3
19 Wikihouse construction house active commercial/full product 0
20 OSWash laundry appliances washing machine inactive concept 0
21 Apertus Axiom camera & optic camera active commercial/full product 3
22 ng.uavp toys & games quadcopter active DIY production 6
23 Aeroquad toys & games quadcopter active commercial/kit 7
24 Uzebox toys & games game console active commercial/kit 1
25 Open ECG medical equipment electro-cardiograph inactive prototype 0
26 OpenPCR medical equipment PRC thermocycle active commercial/kit 5
27 OpenEEG medical equipment electro-encephalograph inactive prototype 0
28 echOpen medical equipment ultrasound stethoscope active concept 1
29 BioNico medical equipment prosthetic hand active prototype 1
30 osloom machine tools jacquard loom inactive prototype 0
31 Bloombot machine tools hydroponic gardening system inactive DIY production 2
32 OpenKnit machine tools Knitting machine inactive DIY production 4
33 AeroSeeD micro-eolienne power & electrical supplies wind turbine inactive DIY production de montage.odt • de montage.odt • 6
34 Fab@Home machine tools 3D printer inactive DIY production 0
35 Ultimaker 2 machine tools 3D printer active commercial/full product assembly manual V1.1 _english.pdf • ultimaker 2.pdf • 4
36 Pandora toys & games game console active DIY production 1
37 Lasersaur machine tools laser cutter active commercial/kit 5
38 LuzBot Taz 5 machine tools 3D printer active commercial/full product 3
39 Lyman Filament Extruder machine tools waste plastic extruder active DIY production 2
40 OpenDesk's Lean Desk furniture table active commercial/full product 3
41 OpenROV robotics submarine robot active commercial/kit 7
42 InMoov robotics humanoid robot active prototype 3
43 Film-Retter Inline cleaner film & television super 8 film cleaner active commercial/kit 2
44 myphotonics science & laboratory optomechanic workbenches active DIY production 4
45 Ultrascope camera & optic telescope active DIY production 3
46 Open wheels vehicles & parts segway active DIY production 2
47 Hovalin musical instruments violin active commercial/full product 4
48 µDelta machine tools 3D printer active commercial/kit - Notice assemblage.pdf • - Notice assemblage.pdf • 3
49 Open Gigabot machine tools 3D printer active commercial/full product 2
50 Plen robotics humanoid robot active commercial/full product 4
51 sunzilla power & electrical supplies solar generator active DIY production 3
52 ShapeOko machine tools carving machine active DIY production 4
53 Xcarve machine tools carving machine active commercial/kit 7
54 imaginary entertainment museum exhibits active commercial/full product 1
55 Velocar vehicles & parts velomobile inactive concept 0
56 Hexy robotics hexapod robot active commercial/full product 3
57 iCub robotics humanoid robot active DIY production 7
58 NimbRo-OP robotics humanoid robot active DIY production 2
59 Poppy robotics humanoid robot active DIY production 7
60 Carla Cargo vehicles & parts cargo bikes active commercial/full product 2
61 Tinker bike vehicles & parts motorbike active prototype 0
62 Knitic machine tools Knitting machine active commercial/kit 2
63 Automatic Bartender party supplies drink making robot active prototype 1
64 Eletric eel wheel machine tools spinning wheel active commercial/full product 4
65 Two-Stroke Diesel Engine vehicles & parts diesel engine active concept 0
66 open energy monitor power & electrical supplies energy monitoring device active commercial/full product 0
67 gekgasifier power & electrical supplies gasifier active commercial/full product to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier • 2
68 Precious plastic machine tools waste plastic recycling machines active DIY production 4
69 Tiny boy machine tools 3D printer active DIY production 5
70 Farm Hack's Root washer agriculture Root washer active DIY production 2
71 OpenBugFarm agriculture bug farm kit active DIY production Instructions.pdf • Instructions.pdf • 3
72 Recyclebot machine tools waste plastic recycling machines active DIY production 7
73 Trautman hook medical equipment hand prosthetics inactive DIY production 2
74 open beam construction aluminium profiles active commercial/full product 4
75 rBot machine tools 3D printer active DIY production 3
76 open source roaster machine tools coffee roaster active prototype 0
77 Guest studio 240 sf construction house active concept 3
78 NMR Relaxometry Platform science & laboratory NMR Relaxometry Platform active prototype 2
79 BCN3D Sigma machine tools 3D printer active commercial/full product Guides • Sheets • 4
80 Aker kit agriculture Kit for urban gardening active commercial/full product 5
81 Shower loop plumbing Shower active prototype 2
82 Kit zéro Km clothing jeans active commercial/full product 1
83 The Fair Cap food & beverages carriers water filtering bottle cap active concept 0
84 FarmBot agriculture CNC Farming machine active prototype 4
85 Le Petit COOL agriculture personal smart greenhouse active prototype 0
86 e-Nable medical equipment hand prosthetics active DIY production 1
87 Arbalet entertainment LED table active DIY production 7
88 Waterzilla food & beverages carriers portable water purification device active prototype 2
89 L'atelier s'adapte / table à langer furniture changing table active concept 1
90 Oggùn iron horse tractor agriculture tractor active concept 0
91 Qrokee arts and crafts holographic tracing machine active prototype 0

Classification criteria

  • Product name: the denomination of the product as given by its originators.
  • Product category: classification of the product according to the Google product taxonomy.
  • Product description: what the product is about.
  • Project status: is the community active or inactive. Three possibilities:
    • active: there are visible contributions that are not older than 1 year;
    • inactive: there are no visible contribution older than 1 year;
    • ?: no information could be found on the dates of the last contributions.
  • Contains non-electronic hardware: whether the product contains non-electronic hardware components.
  • Contains electronic hardware: whether the product contains electronic hardware components.
  • Contains software: whether the product contains software components.
  • Development stage: stage of the product development process achieved. Five phases are considered:
    • concept: There is only a concept that is still to design and develop;
    • prototype: The design phase has been completed and the first prototype was built;
    • DIY production: The product is fully described and can be made by interested parties themselves;
    • kit production: The product is sold by a company as a complete kit;
    • manufacturing: The product is sold by a company as a finished product.
  • CAD repository: URL where CAD files (computer aided design) or blueprints of non-electronic hardware components are made available.
  • Assemby instructions: URL where assembly instructions can be found.
  • Bill of materials: URL where the bill of materials (also named part list) can be found.
  • Contributing guide: URL where the contribution guide of the surrounding development community can be found.
  • Editable CAD: whether the published CAD files are editable. CAD files are considered editable, if they are released in the original format. They are not considered editable if they are only released in an export format (such as PDF or STL) which do not allow further modifications to the 3D model.
  • Editable assembly instructions: whether the published assembly instructions are editable. Assembly instructions are considered editable, if they can be edited in a „Web 2.0“ environment or downloaded as editable files. A file is furthermore considered editable if it is released in its original format. It is not considered editable if it is only available in an export format (such as PDF).
  • Editable bill of materials: whether the published bill of materials is editable. A bill of materials is considered editable, if it can be edited in a „Web. 2.0“ environment or downloaded as an editable file. A file is furthermore considered editable if it is released in the original format. It is not considered editable if it is only available in an export format (such as PDF).
  • Open-O-meter: see page "Open-O-meter".