Open Source Hardware Business Model

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Open source business models are part of a holistic research domain that draws on the notion of distributed sources of knowledge for innovation. An initiative led by an organization or a non-organization can be described as practicing an open source hardware business model when the decisive or novel element of value creation hinges on the amplification of innovation attained thanks to the contribution of product development communities that either meet physically or use a collaborative virtual platform for communication, coordination, or production. Furthermore, the decisive element of value creation fulfills the values of openness, meaning that plans are publicly accessible (transparent), are replicable and accessible (editable). Once the open-source aspects allowing the free revealing of information have been clearly put in place, the processes of the resulting innovation are scaled-up to attract capital and render the initiative economically viable. Lastly, as opposed to open innovation which is business-centered; Open source hardware business models are impact driven. Such initiatives rely on community network effects to have a larger global impact and become more transparent, more efficient and cheaper. In this aspect open source hardware business models are related to sustainable business models.