Observatory of open source hardware

Welcome to the Observatory of Open Source Hardware!

Objectives. The Observatory aims at:

  • maintaining an Open Source Hardware Directory, that is, a curated list of complex open source hardware products
  • reporting on the openness of the products listed in this directoy
  • generating a corpus of data for research on open source hardware
  • fuelling the public debate around this phenomenon

Issues. It particularly strives addressing the following questions:

  • What is open source hardware? The Observatory provides examples of open source hardware products and allows for people to actually get to see developed and upcoming open source hardware products.
  • How many products are out there? The Observatory provides insights on the maturity and relevance of the open source hardware phenomenon and gives an overview of the field.
  • How can I “open” my product? The Observatory identifies and shares the degree to which best practices are applied to inspire practitioners to create efficient open source hardware documentation.
  • How open is open source hardware? The Observatory delivers metrics for measuring openness, a multifaceted concept.

Focus. The Observatory of Open Source Hardware focuses specifically on complex, non-electronic hardware. The idea is to highlight the emergence of open source hardware outside the sphere of electronic hardware and 3D-printed gimmicks. There are now increasing numbers of these complex products such as tractors, machine tools, medical equipment, etc. To reflect this focus, selection criteria have been defined which are available in section selection criteria.

Open data. Of course, we adhere to the philosophy that distributed work in communities is more efficient than a one-man-effort (under the well-known motto: “given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow”). All information on this site is published under an open source licence (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License) and contributions are welcome. If you know products matching the selection criteria which are not referenced in the Directory so far, feel free to add them. Additionally, should some information be missing or be incorrect, you have full permission to edit these. All that is required from you is to sign up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us.

Key figures

  • Number of referenced products: 227
  • Average open-o-meter : 4.27

Open source hardware directory

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About the product Product openness
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3D-printable micropipette Electronics Micropipette Active production / DIY
3DMIN's PushPull Arts & Entertainment musical instrument Inactive production / DIY
Aeroquad Toys & Games quadcopter Active production / kit
AeroSeeD micro-eolienne Electronics wind turbine Inactive production / DIY
AguaClara Hardware water treatment plant Active production / DIY
Ai.Frame Apollo Toys & Games humanoid robot Active production / kit
Air Quality Egg Hardware air measuring device Active production / DIY
Aker wormhouse Home & Garden wormhouse kit for urban gardening Active production / full product
Andre cars Vehicles & Parts car Inactive production / DIY
apertus° AXIOM Beta Cameras & Optics Free Software and Open Hardware Camera Kit for professional applications. Active production / kit